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Saddle Up! Rebrand

Saddle Up! is a therapeutic riding program located near Franklin, TN.

For the purpose of a course assignment, I rebranded Saddle Up!. I kept their purple but switched out their turquoise for a gold. Both purple and gold are colors of achievement, an important theme for a therapy program.

My first attempt at recreating Saddle Up!’s logo was too complicated, trying to represent a horse, rider, heart, and saddle all at once. After receiving feedback from my peers, I scrapped my first attempt. I still liked the idea of placing deeper meaning within the negative space, so I settled on incorporating a heart in the blaze of a horse’s face.

I included more information about Saddle Up! on the About page of this interactive PDF I made in addition to the logo. The PDF highlights the four kinds of programs they offer.

Acrobat, Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop – 2019